The Spokes People

The most fun you can have on two wheels

The Spokes People produce high visibility, high impact cycling events - right in the heart of cities. From our Roller Racing International fundraising platform to pedal-to-the-metal criteriums, we mix equal parts fun and competition to drive participation and engagement. And we do it in some pretty crazy places…

We're also a not-for-profit social enterprise, so we try and do a little good along the way. Like to know more? You can learn all about us here or check out some of our recent events below.

The Spokes People

  16th & 17th November 2018     
  White Bay Cruise Terminal, Sydney

The Spokes People

  5th - 15th April 2018     
  Commonwealth Games, Gold Coast

The Spokes People

  18th November 2017     
  White Bay Cruise Terminal, Sydney


The Spokes People produce cycling events designed to increase visibility, participation and engagement - right in the heart of cities.



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