Big Smoke Cyclocross CX Sydney Park 2017


Sydney Park CX continues our tradition of hosting summer cyclocross events in iconic Sydney locations (as part of the appropriately named Big Smoke series). This year we're at Sydney Park, with a new course and format, as part of the Sydney Rides Festival. This is an event almost anyone with a bike and a sense of adventure can take part in - look forward to seeing you there!


Select entries are now open for the 2017 Sydney Park CX. Spots are strictly limited for all grades, so make sure you don't miss out! Entries close 5pm 13/10/17.

All Grades - $25
Kids Race - FREE




We’ve got something for everyone in a jam-packed racing schedule. Whether you are a novice or an experienced racer, we’ve got a race to scratch your itch. Don’t want to race? Come and experience the spectacle, hosted in beautiful Sydney Park.


OPEN MEN & WOMEN 45 min1:15PM

KIDS RACE30 min2:15PM

B GRADE MEN45 min3:00PM

A & B GRADE WOMEN 45 min 4:00PM

A GRADE MEN 60 min5:00PM


Sydney Park


Set on 103 acres of pristine parkland, Sydney Park provides a perfect backdrop for summer cyclocross action. With CBD views, variable terrain, and easy access by train, bus, car and bike - Sydney Park makes CX accessible to everyone.

Big Smoke Cyclocross CX Sydney Park 2017
From a big adventure to a night-time spectacular, Sydney’s top cycling festival will get you rolling this October.



Sydney Park CX offers great prizes and prize money, including equal prizes for men and women.















Whether you are racing or not, you can still be part of the action.



What is cyclocross?

Cyclocross is a mix of road racing and mountain biking that utilises a variety of surfaces – including sealed paths, grass, and dirt – to create a course, with a selection of obstacles thrown in for good measure. Courses are often tight and technical, but oh-so-much-fun.

Can anyone have a go?

Absolutely! The open category is designed for anyone that wants to give CX a go; no experience necessary. It’s a great way to try bike racing and have a whole heap of fun at the same time!

Do I need a special bike?

If you are racing in A or B grade then, yes, you will need a cyclocross-specific bike. However, for the open or kids race, any serviceable mountain bike with a helmet will do. Or a BMX. Or a fixie. Pretty much anything for that matter.

What happened to the costume cross?

We have altered the format this year to give more opportunity for CX racing as well as people racing for the first time. Costume cross will return, plus you are welcome to dress up on the day and make your own statement.

Can I register on the day?

Yes, limited registrations will be allowed on the day. However, to guarantee you are not stuck in the queue (or potentially miss out), we recommend you register before the cut-off date.

Will licenses be available on the day?

Yes. You will be able to purchase an MTBA day license at the event.

What do I need to bring?

If you are racing, you will need a mechanically sound bike and helmet (mandatory). If you are spectating, feel free to bring a picnic blanket or chair for your comfort, or simply sit on the grass and enjoy the show!

Will there be something to eat and drink?

Yes, there will be a food truck and refreshment options (more info soon).

What if it rains?

That’s a tricky one! Ordinarily, cyclocross is on rain, hail or shine (in fact, racing in mud is what it is known for). However, given the iconic location (which is enjoyed by thousands of Sydney-siders every day) and high visibility of the slope - we don’t want to (and can’t) make a mess of it. If it rains a little - that should be fine. If it buckets down (especially in the days ahead of the race), we might have to make some tough, very un-CX-like decisions. Either way, we’ll keep you notified on social channels.

Where is the best place to watch?

Anywhere! We strategically chose the northern hill of Sydney Park, and wrapped the course around it, so spectators standing at the top can pretty much see the whole course. Plus, that’s also where the bar is.

Can I bring a tent?

Yes, on 2x conditions: 1) you must not use stakes (use shot bags or weights instead) and 2) you must setup as directed by the events team (to make sure there is enough space for everyone).

How do I get there?

Sydney Park is fairly straightforward to get to - and is accessible by train (St Peters station is just across the road), bus (including the 370 and 422) and car (there are 4 car parks, see below). Of course, we think the best way to get there is by bike.

Where can I park my car?

There are 4 carparks at Sydney Park, with 2x on the northern end near where we will be setting up (one on Sydney Park Road and one on Barwon Park Road). However, these tend to fill up pretty quickly, especially on a weekend. You can try your luck with one of those, or look for an on-street car park on one of the many streets surrounding the park. Either way, allow a little extra time, as it is a very popular/busy area.

Terms and conditions:

  • Entry fees are non-refundable except in the event of the cancellation of the race or event.
  • The Spokes People accepts no liability for damage or theft of competitor's bike or possessions. Competitors enter the race at their own risk and The Spokes People accepts no liability for accident or injury.
  • All competitors are required to produce proof of a current Cycling Australia or Mountain Bike Australia racing license to race (day licenses are acceptable as long as valid with CA and/or MTBA).
  • The Spokes People reserves the right to change the date of or cancel the event (due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control), amend the format of or shorten the event, and/or alter any prize money and/or prizes at its sole discretion.
  • In the event of one or more races or the event being cancelled, The Spokes People shall provide affected Participants with a full refund with no further liability whatsoever arising from such cancellation.
  • All entry fees and prize monies are inclusive of GST, where appropriate.
  • The distribution of prizes and prize money will be coordinated by The Spokes People. Prize money will be paid out within 28 days of the event being held. Non-monetary prizes may take longer.


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