Rapha Super Cross Sydney 2014


What makes a great sequel? Is it a simple case of bigger is better - or is it something less tangible? Is it a deepening of the story, of the characters, or something new or unexpected? Or is it the twist?

Whatever the case, sophomoric efforts will always be judged in a harsher light than their freshmen counterparts - for good reason. ‘Yeah, sure it was good the first time, now what have you got to show us?’ Plenty.


Rapha Super Cross Sydney 2014 - the sequel - wasn’t just bigger, it was better. Sure, there were over 500 people there, sure there were more elite riders from around the country. But what really made it it great was the theatre.



You can also see race results here or check out the FAQs. Or, skip straight to the event photos.


Photos by Beardy McBeard.


50% longer than 2013, with all new thrills and spills.


Sydney Park, Saturday 1st November. Track open for practice from 11:00am.

12:00pm – Elite Men (45 mins + 1 lap, $25 entry). You must have a CA of MTBA racing license. Free MTBA 8-week licenses available at the event.
1:00pm – Womens Race (Elite + Open, 40 mins + 1 lap, $25 entry). You must have a CA of MTBA racing license. Free MTBA 8-week licenses available at the event.
2:00pm – Open Men (40 mins + 1 lap, $25 entry). You must have a CA of MTBA racing license. Free MTBA 8-week licenses available at the event.
3:00pm – Kids Race (FREE). Nothing like fostering the next generation of champions!
3:30pm – Costume Cross (25 mins + 1 lap, $10 entry). It’s not about being the fastest; it’s about having the most fun! Perfect for first-timers. Free MTBA 8-week licenses available at the event.



Congratulations to everyone who took part!

ELITE MALE RESULTS (45 mins + 1 lap)
  Chris Aitken
  Allan Iacuone
  Michael Crosbie
4th Garry Millburn
5th Tom Chapman
6th Scott Wines
7th Ben Metcalfe
8th Michael Potter
9th John Groves
10th Oliver Whalley
11th Jayden Ward
12th Phillip Gray
13th Nick Both
14th John Law
15th Jerry van de Pol
16th Paul Cullen
17th Tom Green
18th Dan Campbell-Williams
19th Nicholas Smith
20th Peter Fisher
21st Dave Musgrove
22nd Andrew Law
23rd Patrick Denis
ELITE FEMALE RESULTS (40 mins + 1 lap)
  Lisa Jacobs
  Oenone Wood
  Gemma Kernich
4th Sara Mills
5th Klara Sedlackova
6th Genevieve McKew
7th Kelly Robinson
OPEN MALE RESULTS (30 mins + 1 lap)
  Alex Malone
  Rod Commerford
  Alan Miller
4th Chris Miller
5th Jason Morgan
6th Tyron Bicknell
7th Chris Bowie
8th Olivier Vallee
9th Stephen Tomczyk
10th Gary Harwood
11th Patrick Jones
12th Blake Bentley
13th Mitch Dixon
14th Alex Dircks
15th Theo Bougatsas
16th Vaughan McVilly
17th Ben Porter
18th Matthew Tomczyk
19th Dan Miles
20th Brian Seng
21st Ray Giddins
22nd TBA (#110)
23rd Martin Thomas
24th Andrew Duggan
25th Matthew Ryan
26th Damian Goodman
27th Kieren Brown
28th Andrew Chatterton
29th Alex Rose-Innes
30th Rob Parbery
31st Lachlan Rowe
32nd Grant Kepler
33rd TBA (#32)
34th Trent King
35th Andrew Pike
36th Sam Shumack
37th Michael Fague
38th Colin Ware-Lane
39th Justin Smirck
40th Marty Hocknell
41st Troy Thompson
42nd Michael Penrose
43rd Alex Lord
44th Jamie Carlyle
OPEN FEMALE RESULTS (30 mins + 1 lap)
  Heidi Whalley
  Angie Macken
  Darcy Miles
  Kobi Porter
  Louis Arnold
4th Samuel Hessen
5th Corby Bull

Photos by Beardy McBeard.


See more photos here.


What is cyclocross (we’ve renamed it Super Cross)? – Simply put, cyclocross is the most fun you can have on a bike. It’s a fast and furious off-road blast with obstacles, twists, turns and, more often than not, a healthy dose of mud.

Nice. How seriously will we be taking it? – Up to you. Want to be on the podium and win a prize? You’d better be good. Rather dress up as Elvis and decorate your bike with garlands of flowers? Go ahead, you may win a prize that way. Want to spend most of your time in the beer garden? Each to their own…

Do I need a special bike, then? – Not particularly. Many ride a cyclocross-specific machine, with special brakes and knobbly tires, but turn up with a helmet and a mountain bike and you are ready to race. Or a fixie. Or a BMX. Pretty much anything for that matter.

Splendid. My friends will want to come and laugh… ahem, support me – Glad to hear it. Entry for spectators is absolutely FREE. We’ll have a beer garden, quality catering, DJs and a whole load of noisy, rattley things for them to let loose on.

How do I know which race is for me? – We have 3 categories: elite (male and female) if you’re awesome, open/all-comer (male and female) if you want to have a crack at the serious stuff, and a one-size-fits-all novice race. The only catch is you need to wear a costume – and be ready for anything!

Which elites are racing? – The best in the country will compete for a firm handshake and a pat on the back. More details coming soon…

What is the format of the elite/open races? – 45 minutes plus one lap (elite men), 40 minutes plus one lap (elite/open women and open men). Course layout and ‘special features’ coming soon!

Will there be food? – You bet – there will be an event village with quality munching. Did we mention the beer garden?

What is the inspiration for Super Cross? – Super Cross is about the pairing of cyclocross racing with an outrageous party atmosphere. A tried and tested formula both here, as well as in the US and Europe, Super Cross is as much about the crowd as it is about the racing.

Anything else? – Let’s see… Event village – check. Beer garden – check. Cowbells, music and commentators – check. Epic course and insanely fun novice race – check. Nope, all we’re missing is you – see you there!

Sydney Park

Sydney Park Road, St Peters, NSW

Limited parking available on the North side of the park, and surrounding streets.



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