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Media Release October 17th, 2018

For immediate release:

Cyclocross Sydney Park event postponed until late Summer
After watching the weather like hawks all week and making daily visits to Sydney Park (as well as talking with the Park maintenance team), The Spokes People have made the decision to postpone the Cyclocross Sydney Park event for a second time, until LATE SUMMER 2019. This decision was made based on the current condition of the Park, and the lack of drying time/conditions leading up to Friday night.

This decision was not made lightly - we were SO excited to share the new event concept with you all. However, there was no escaping the fact that, due to this heavy rainfall and current condition of the Park, holding the race as planned would have, almost certainly, caused extensive damage to the surface of the Park. With more rain forecast and only 48 hours before the scheduled event we could not see a way to run the event and still reasonably protect the condition of the Park (as we are obliged to do). We looked at (and tested) other areas within the Park but, again, the same concerns applied.

We understand Cyclocross is traditionally an all-weather event and that mud is both acceptable for racing and, in many cases, highly desirable. However, given the iconic location, and large numbers of residents and businesses who make use of the Park every day, causing extensive (if only visual) damage to a large area of the park was an unacceptable outcome for all.

Therefore, rather than re-scheduling for a few weeks’ time (given the recent weather plus the amount of time the Park will need to dry/recover), we have decided to postpone the event until late summer 2019 (after the Tour Down Under). As soon as we have a date, we will make it public on The format will, most likely, remain unchanged.

All current entrants will be refunded in full by the end of this week (by 19/10/2018) - and will be invited to register again once we have a new date confirmed.

For any additional information, please contact:

Nick Bonich
0402 319 287
[email protected]


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