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Spokes People events are so much more that just inner city cycling events - they are an experience. Part sporting league, part spectacle and part rock concert, there is something for everyone (and are certainly not just for cycling enthusiasts). Most importantly, they are great lead generators.

We built The Spokes People from the ground up with sponsors and brand value in mind, meaning every aspect and detail is customisable to meet your needs; from the look & feel of the event, to the functionality of our Events Co app, to the content generated (whether on our monster screens, or to a wider, digital market).

We also invest heavily in our own infrastructure, apps, and equipment so that our events are always black-label in look and feel. Each event is custom designed to be highly visible and impactful, and, because we're not-for-profit, we can deliver bespoke events cost-effectively.

That means we can create unique participant and brand experiences - that stand out from the pack, and that can grow with you. On top of which, we work closely with you to make sure you achieve your goals, whether they be around ROI, brand messaging, activation (or all of the above!). Looking for high visibility, low cost leads? We can help with that. Looking to expose your product or brand to new audiences? We can help with that too. Want to create some amazing content for your brand? You’ve come to the right place.

In short, TSP is a platform designed to deliver big results - whether it be for sport, fun, fundraising - or your brand. We focus on putting your brand, message or product in front of the right market, delivering the quality and reach you are looking for.

Plus, you’ll benefit from the natural, positive associations of aligning with fitness, health and wellbeing-driven events, the potential of jumping onto a growth market (after all, cycling is the new golf), and the great content that follows from every TSP event.

Best of all, because we are a not-for-profit social enterprise, it won't burn a hole in your marketing budget. Sound good? Start a conversation today.

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The Spokes People produce cycling events designed to increase visibility, participation and engagement - right in the heart of cities.



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