Criterium White Bay

2018 Rider Briefing/Event Information

This rider briefing should cover everything you need to know before you show up to race. If we've missed something, or you have any further questions, please get in touch. Otherwise, see you trackside!


Riders will be able to collect their numbers & timing transponders on the day. Look for signs marked 'SIGN ON HERE' to be sure you're in the right place. Note - the event village will be open from approximately 6pm (you will not be able to access the venue beforehand, unless you are part of the event team).

Be sure to arrive with plenty of time ahead of your race to collect these items as there may be a queue. The final racing schedule is on the main event page.

Be sure to check the final start list (coming soon) to confirm your race start time.

Race management and timing is being handled by Cycling NSW.

Venue Access & Information

Venue information (including access and parking) is available here.


The forecast for the Friday and Saturday night’s racing is as follows:

Friday: Slight chance of light showers and light winds. Min 16 degrees C, Max 22 degrees C.

Saturday: Partly cloudy, high chance of showers (1-5mm of rain), light winds. Min 16 degrees C, Max 22 degrees C.

Racing will go on, even if it rains. Races may, however, be shortened, or rescheduled to allow time to clear any standing water on the course.

Clubs & Teams Area

There are 18x bays along the western end of the course. These are perfect for a 'pit lane', a place for clubs and teams to setup their rollers and gear - and enjoy the race from only metres away.

Teams and clubs are encouraged to setup in this area - but ask that everyone make room for people (both participants and spectators) to shelter out of the rain, should it rain during the event.

All gear/equipment must fit inside the bays and must not be setup elsewhere around the venue.

Food, Water & Alcohol

There will be food trucks, coffee carts and licenced bars available throughout the event - offering a great selection of food, hot drinks and alcoholic refreshments for you to purchase.

Make sure you bring cash or a card, and ID if you would like to purchase alcohol. While you are welcome to bring your own food, no BYO booze is permitted at the venue.

NO DRINKING AND RIDING – wait until after your event to crack open a cold one, and please drink responsibly.

Finally, there is a tap onsite for you to refill bottles. Ask a member of the events team who will show you where it is.

Fixed Gear Regulations

Fixed Gear events follow the same rules as a normal Criterium event (CA Technical Regulation 3.33) with the following exceptions:
A track bike is mandatory.
Prior to the event, all bikes must be presented for a technical inspection.

Bikes that do not comply with the following characteristics will not be permitted to start.
Drop handlebars only
Lock-ring required
Fixed-gear conversions prohibited
Traditionally spoked wheels (no Disc, Tri spoke or TT wheels)
Clipless pedals (pedal and cleat locking mechanism)
Pedal/toe straps prohibited
Clincher, Tubular, or Tubeless tyres are permitted
Brakes are prohibited
Lights, reflectors and any other accessory prohibited

More Information

Please take a moment to read over the event FAQs, which covers important event day information. Otherwise, you can get in touch with us here if there is anything else you need.


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