Criterium White Bay

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I register on the day?

No, you cannot. You will need to enter before the listed cut-off date(s) on the main event page.

Why is registration through Eventbrite?

To allow us more flexibility to get more people involved - including runners, fixed gear racers, everyday riders and more. It allows people who may not have CA racing license (or belong to a club) to register - and then organise a license for the day (if they need one). Rest assured, however, that the good people at CA and CNSW are powering this event - providing sanction, timing and the officials.

Why does Eventbrite seem to say my event is on Friday @ 5pm?

Eventbrite is telling you the overall FESTIVAL is starting on Friday @ 5pm. This is certainly misleading - and we apoligise for any confusion - however, there is little we can do about it. The good news is you can go right ahead and ignore the dates/times Eventbrite might be showing you, and instead follow the schedule published on the main event page. This is the final, official schedule which we will be sticking to like glue.

Do I need to belong to a cycling club or team to register and/or race?

No, criterium and fixed gear criterium racing is open to anyone with a valid Cycling Australia racing license. In addition, the 5km run and novelty challenge do not need a racing license.

So, I need a racing license?

Yes, for criterium and fixed gear criterium racing only. You will need to present a valid Cycling Australia racing license in order to be able to race these disciplines. Licenses can be purchased online here. In addition you can purchase a day license (or 3 race license) here. NOTE: You DO NOT need a license to participate in the 5km run or novelty challenge.

Will licenses be available to purchase on the day?

No. All licenses will need to be finalised ahead of the event. Get in contact with us if you have any difficulty organising your license and we will be in touch to assist you.

Why is each grade capped?

In consultation with Cycling NSW, each grade and/or race is limited to 55 riders (for cycling races). This allows us to make sure we have enough room on the track for all riders to race safely (it is a tight circuit) and enjoy the event. The 5km run will be capped, if required, at 200 runners.

How do I know which grade to enter?

You should enter the grade that you normally race in (for your club, at other events, etc.), which the Cycling NSW State Handicapper will take into account when finalising each race (to ensure the fields are as evenly-matched as possible). If you enter BEFORE the first cut-off (see the main event page) you will be able to object to the grade/race you have been assigned to in any preliminary starting list(s). You can still enter AFTER this first cut-off, however, you will no longer be able to object to your allocation on the final starting list(s). If you are moved to a different field, with a different entry fee, you will be refunded any difference ahead of the race. Please note that this race is being handicapped by the Cycling NSW State Handicapper, and their decision(s) are final.

What happens if a grade sells out?

If a race/grade reaches the cap (maximum number of riders), then it will be marked as sold out - and no additional entries will be accepted. Therefore, we recommend you organise your entry/registration early - to avoid disappointment.

When do entries close?

Entries will close on or before the listed end date on the main event page - so please check over this carefully. However, if one or more grades sell out ahead of the closing date, then those grades may be unavailable to enter well before the closing date. Similarly, if the overall event is close to maximum capacity (or has a stronger than expected response), the closing date may be brought forward to accommodate the management of entries. Therefore, we recommend you enter early - to avoid disappointment.

So there is a run?

Yes, for 2018 we are introducing a 5km run around the cycling course enclosure. Entries are via the same link as the cycling races. There will be a space to place your gear, and access to a basic drink station after your race.

What is the 'First Time Crit'?

The First Time Crit is exactly what it sounds like - a criterium for people who have never raced one before (or have only raced one or two). This is the perfect way to try criterium racing for the first time on an amazing course - with all the trimmings!

What is the Novelty Challenge?

The Novelty Challenge is for anyone who doesn't want to ride a road or track bike (or other circuit racing bike like a CX bike or MTB) - but would like to have a go anyway. This event is FREE TO ENTER and DOES NOT require a racing license. So bring your Penny Farthing, unicycle, tandem, cargo bike, BMX or whatever else you would like to ride on - and let rip! Prizes will be awarded per category (which we will make up on the night) - with special awards for best dressed and costumes. Come and join in the fun!

Can I pickup my race number at the event?

Yes, the event village will be open at least 30mins before the first race starts, and you will be able to pickup your race number and timing chip there.

Will a starting list be published?

Yes, a starting list will be published ahead of the event. It is the responsibility of each participant to make sure they know which grade/division they will be racing in. Note - participants may be moved between grades/divisions by the Cycling NSW State Handicapper, and this will be reflected in the starting list. All handicapping is managed by CNSW - and their decision(s) are final.

Is there junior racing?

Yes, an Under 17s race (male and female - with separate podiums/prizes) has been added to the format for 2018. Additionally, U19 riders are also welcome to race in the grade appropriate for them.

Can I transfer to another grade (or division)?

This is possible while registration remains open (i.e. before handicapping), and sufficient spots in your preferred grade or division still remain. However, once entries have closed, no further transfers are possible. Please note that this race is being handicapped by the Cycling NSW State Handicapper, and their decision(s) are final.

Can I transfer my entry to someone else?

This is possible while registration remains open (i.e. before handicapping). However, once entries have closed, no further transfers are possible.

Something has come up - can I get a refund on my entry?

Refunds will only be granted if requested at least 10 days out from the event, and may be subject to an administrative fee. Refunds will only be granted within 10 days of the event on substantiated medical grounds (in which case, a doctor’s certificate may be required).

Event Day

Will event day/rider/run briefing information be provided beforehand?

Yes, a rider briefing will be distributed to all participants ahead of the event.

Has the course changed?

No, the 2018 course is almost identical to the 2017 course (with one or two minor changes due to construction). In consultation with Cycling NSW, the 2017 course has been retained, keeping the entire course within the Terminal area.

What condition is the course in?

White Bay is a heavily-used port and industrial area, so the surface can be quite rough. We highly recommend you get a couple of practice laps in before your race to get to know all the quirks.

Should I expect punctures?

While steps will be taken to clear the course of any sharp objects, it is still an industrial, working port. Therefore, you should be set up to race accordingly.

How do I get to White Bay?

White Bay Cruise Terminal, whilst close to the Sydney CBD (just across the water from Barangaroo), is not always straightforward to access - so it is worth planning ahead. Transport details (and other important venue information) can be found here.

Where can I park my car?

We have access to the White Bay Cruise Terminal car park (which holds approximately 160 vehicles). Access details (and alternative parking options) can be found here.

Can I race with disc brakes?

Yes, you are able to race this event with disc brakes (see this article for more information).

When should I arrive at the event?

You should look to arrive at least 30 mins before your race is scheduled to start.

Will I get to have some practice laps on the course ahead of my race?

Yes. The course will be open approximately 15 minutes before the first race begins, and for a short amount of time in between each race, for you to get a feel for the course.

What kit can I wear?

Criterium White Bay was designed as a festival of cycling, and we want it to be as colourful as possible, as well as fun/welcoming for people that are new to the sport. As such, you are welcome to wear whatever you like - with a few exceptions. Firstly, you may not wear the kit of a team you do not currently ride for or belong to (for example, a pro team replica kit). Secondly, if you belong to a club (but not a team), we strongly encourage you to support your club and wear your club kit. The Chief Commissaire has the final say on all kits, and may reject a kit if it fails to comply with the above, or is deemed offensive or inappropriate for the event. Note: you must wear an Australian Standards-approved helmet whenever you are on the course.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, you must wear an Australian Standards-approved helmet whenever you are on the course.

Can I bring a tent or marquee?

No. Given the confined space, we simply don’t have room for additional structures. The good news is there is plenty of undercover space for you to set up rollers, equipment, etc. and create a ‘home base’. Some exceptions may be granted for event sponsors and their sponsored teams - contact us for more information.

What if it rains?

Under most scenarios, so long as there is no standing water on the course, and the chief commissaire is happy for the racing to proceed, then it will proceed as scheduled (even if it is raining). However, if there is heavy rain ahead of, or during the event, such that it makes the course unsafe for racing, then the racing will be suspended (until the conditions are safe for racing again), shortened, or cancelled. We’ll keep you notified on social channels as the date approaches.

Is there shade/shelter available (in case it rains or is scorching hot)?

Yes. There are multiple locations around the course that spectators and participants will be able to shelter away from rain/wind or excessive heat. If in doubt, please ask one of our team - who will direct you to the nearest shade/shelter.

Is there somewhere to lock my bike?

Yes. There will be a section of bike racking set up at the venue, where you can park your bike. We recommend you bring a lock, to ensure your bike is secure. Please do not lock your bike up around the course, or to a fence, near the entry to the venue, or within the event village on the eastern side of the course. Instead, use the parking provided, or your team/club area (if provided). If in doubt speak to one of our team.

Is there a service lane for riders/teams?

For 2018 there will be a dedicated service/pit lane for riders and/or teams. This will also be where riders can enter/exit the course. We recommend teams/support crew use this area to perform any wheel changes, etc.

It looks like some grades are racing together - how do the prizes work for those races?

Each grade will have a separate podium and separate prizes, regardless of whether they race with another grade or not.

What do I need to bring?

Your bike, Australian Standards-approved helmet, racing license, ID, race number (if picked up beforehand), drink bottle(s) (there will be a tap provided for refilling), and spare tubes/parts as required. You are also welcome to bring spare wheel(s) to place in the service lane during your race. Anything else you are required to bring will be outlined in detail in the rider briefing (which will be distributed ahead of the event).

Will there be something to eat and drink?

Yes, there will be food trucks and a bar plus refreshment options, including a tap to refill your bottles.

I need a little help - who should I speak to on event day?

You should speak to one of the Spokes People team, who will be able to put in touch with the right person. The Spokes People team will be in yellow t-shirts, for easy identification.


Can I come and watch?

Absolutely! If you are into in cycling, or just looking for something new and fast-paced to check out, we think you’ll really enjoy Criterium White Bay!

Is there a fee to spectate?

No, entry for spectators is free.

Is there a cap on spectators?

Yes, the venue has only limited space (after we drop a crit track in there), so there is a maximum capacity we need to work within - but it is higher for 2018. All registered riders/runners are guaranteed entry - while still leaving plenty of capacity for spectators.

Where is the best place to watch?

Anywhere! We strategically chose this venue for its amazing views - and the fact you can see large portions of the course from almost any location! You will be able to access most of the outside of the course, as well as most of the inside of the course, so you can find your favourite spot to cheer from/take photos.

Is there shade/shelter (in case it rains or is scorching hot)?

Yes. There are multiple locations around the course that spectators and participants will be able to shelter away from rain/wind or excessive heat. If in doubt, please ask one of our team - who will direct you to the nearest shade/shelter.

Can I take photos at the event?

Absolutely. You are welcome to take as many photos and/or videos as you want. All we ask is any photos you share on social platforms be tagged with @thespokespeople and/or #whitebaycrit. There are a few areas of the course that only accredited media are allowed to access (wearing Spokes People pink media vests). If you would like to apply for accreditation (free of charge), please contact us.

Can I use a drone to take videos and/or photos at the event?

Yes, provided you have the appropriate license(s) and/or permission(s) to do so. You can find out more here.

What else is happening?

The event village will be brimming with activity, with food, a bar, sponsor displays, club and team areas, plus much more.

Can I volunteer at the event?

Yes please! We will need people to help before, during and after the event. If you would like to be involved, get in touch with us here.


Do I need to stick around for the podium in order to receive my prize?

No, you do not. However, we would love it if you could! You’ll get some great photos on the podium as well as an opportunity to celebrate your win with an adoring crowd.

What do I do with my timing chip?

Please return your timing chip to the registration area before you leave the venue.

What do I do with my race number(s)?

Please return your race number(s) to the registration area before you leave the venue, so we can re-use them for future events (and lessen our environmental impact).

Will I receive my prize(s) on the day?

You may receive non-cash prizes on the day of the event. However, you will not receive any cash prizes you win on the day (unlike other races, there will not be an envelope, etc.).

How do I claim my prize(s)?

We will be in touch with winners within 14 days of the event concluding. Winners will then be sent a release form to complete, sign and return. Upon receipt of the release form, prizes will be distributed (including any cash prizes and/or product prizes not already received). Cash prizes are usually distributed between 21-28 days after the event. Product prizes may take longer depending on supplier availability.


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