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Boasting dazzling views of the Sydney skyline, White Bay Cruise Terminal is Sydney’s newest cruise terminal, catering for smaller cruise ships (less than 49m tall) that can fit under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


White Bay is located on Robert Street, Rozelle on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour. On event days, access to the Terminal is available via James Craig Road. Note that there is no vehicle access to the Terminal via Robert Street on event days (pedestrians and cyclists, however, may enter this way). A map of the location is provided below.

Getting there

By car:

Direct access to the venue/event is via James Craig Road, and NOT Robert Street. Cars will not be able to access the venue from Robert Street (the boom-gate will be closed). You are, however, welcome to park on Robert Street and proceed by foot to the venue (less than 1km, or approximately 10mins).

James Craig Road is accessible from the Anzac Bridge/The Crescent, with the route clearly signed. See the map below for instructions on how to access the venue via James Craig Road. There are 160 car parks available at the venue (available for the duration of the event only).

By bus:

A number of bus services stop near the intersection of Victoria Road and Robert Street, Rozelle. From this point it is approximately 1.5km to the venue, or around 20-25mins on foot, straight down Robert Street (there is a pedestrian/cycling path that is not affected by the vehicle boom gate). Route details are available here.

Note: there are no nearby train stations, meaning the only access to White Bay via public transport is by bus or ferry.

By ferry:

Is there a more glamorous way to arrive at a venue like this then by boat? Unfortunately, the most direct route (via Captain Cook Cruises), only runs on cruise days. Meaning the only other option is to catch a ferry to Balmain East, and then hike west along Darling St, before zig-zagging down to Robert Street. This is a piece of cake if you are on a bicycle - but is a seriously long walk if you are not.

You can find out more about catching a ferry here, including route details and timetables.

By bicycle:

Of course, perhaps the best way to access White Bay is by bicycle. With multiple safe routes available, including a separated cycle path over the Anzac bridge if you are coming from the east (plus the James Craig Road route, eliminating the need to brave Victoria Road), there are multiple ways to access White Bay on two wheels. You can even mix-and-match modes, taking a ferry to Balmain East, before exploring Balmain/Rozelle on your way back around to the venue. See Sydney Cycleways for more information.

Access Map

Venue Information for White Bay Cruise Terminal


The White Bay Cruise Terminal car park has capacity for approximately 160 cars - and is available for our use. If this carpark is full, we recommend back-tracking along James Craig Road, and then back towards Robert Street, where you may find on-street parking only a short walk form the venue (around 10mins walk from the boom gate).

Please note that the car park is available for the duration of the event only, and that all vehicles must be removed once the event has concluded. Any vehicles left overnight run the risk of being impounded. Note: all vehicles must exit via James Craig Road (i.e. exit the same way they entered).

If you need to drop or pickup equipment for an event, there are 2x options. If you arrive during bump-in or bump-out, you will be able to access the venue directly from the service entry (to the east of the car park on James Craig Road). Otherwise, during the event, you can organise access to the bus entrance, which brings you to the entrance gate(s). Note: the event entrance gate(s) are only approximately 1m wide each, meaning any equipment needs to be hand-loaded carefully around other event traffic. Either way, you must contact us in advance of any event to gain access to the site. You will not be able to simply turn up on the day (or outside your allotted delivery/pickup window) and gain access for delivery.


Power & water:

White Bay has excellent access to power and water onsite. However, if you require access to either for an event, please contact us in advance to organise.


Access to waste bins and waste removal depends on the event. If you need access to waste removal for an event, please contact us in advance. Unless otherwise organised, all rubbish and waste is to be taken offsite by you.


Structures are permitted to be built on White Bay (including tents, marquees, sponsor displays, etc.). However, each structure must be appropriately engineered to be safe, including appropriate weighting, engineering certification (or equivalent) and must comply with venue restrictions and requirements. If you wish to build a structure (or bring equipment) onsite for an event, you must first contact us to ensure all structures are included in planning and safety compliance.

Food & alcohol:

Food and alcohol vendors are permitted to operate on the site, with the appropriate permits. If food and/or alcohol is organised for an event, this will be communicated in advance as part of event marketing or in the event FAQs. Patrons are welcome to also bring their own food and refreshments into the venue. Patrons, however, are not permitted to bring their own alcohol into the venue for an event. Alcohol may only be purchased from a licensed vendor at the event (if one is provided).


There is only one toilet outside of the White Bay Terminal building, with limited access on event days. If the Terminal is not open, portable toilets will be provided for events. However, if the Terminal is open, then there are multiple toilets inside that may be used.


There is equitable and step-free access to the White Bay Cruise Terminal building, and surrounding wharf/dock areas. If you require special assistance, or have more questions, please contact us for more information.

Additional notes

White Bay has strict regulations around the maximum capacity of the venue, and amplified noise levels. Any specific regulations will be communicated on a per event basis. However, for each event, please respect the neighbours of the venue and enter and leave the venue as quietly as possible. Any use of amplified sound must be organised and approved in advance by contacting us.


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